India – Highlights of Old Delhi

Old Delhi

This 7-minute video details the experiences of three 20-somethings as they cover much of India by public transportation. They describe what aspects of the culture they found difficult and challenging.

There are some interesting comments about this video on YouTube. One of the commentators notes that while this video is labeled “New Delhi,” the scenes take place in the older section, which is known as Old Delhi and managed by a different govermental unit.

The video is from “Global Degree.”

Highlights and observations:

Initial experience, in the Delhi airport, didn’t seem out of the ordinary. Then they stepped out of the lobby and encountered the crush of humanity.

One of their crew had an upset stomach, and stayed behind. The video shows the traffic in the city, including carts being pulled by oxen.

Men walking around hold hands.

They got a shave, on the side of the road, for 60 cents.

Chaotic environment, lots of horn-honking and they stop a fistfight.

Stunning shots of the Taj Mahal. They note that the people who built it had their arms cut off so they could never build another structure like it.

Video link courtesy Eleanor Boek.


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