South #Korea – Culture Shock

South Korea

Video is about 8:49 minutes long and features the views of an exchange student as she experienced initial culture shock.


Walking into the subway station – person didn’t hold the door for her. She got clobbered in the face! The holding a door norm is not done, and when she does it for someone they don’t say “thank you.”

Another thing she found odd is how people will spit on the ground, even right in front of you.

Korea is a night-oriented culture (where she is) and there is a great deal of drinking. It’s not uncommon for people to get sick and vomit in public areas.

Meals are usually paid for by one person, and you’re expected to pay in rotation.

Smoking cigarettes in much more common in South Korea.

The public transportation system works great, and young people (even as young as 5) can get around on buses and the subway. They will go to school and shop.

People have a relaxed attitude towards their children and allow other people to touch or interact with their kids.

Video link courtesy Eleanor Boek

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