Culture Shock – #Job Distribution in Japan

Mono Culture and Jobs

Living in Japan – Job Distribution

Speaker says that the mono culture of Japan does not have, as you’ll see in the US, a particular ethnic group being predominant in a particular line of work. In Japan, this is not the case, and this (goes his analysis) means there is more respect for people in whatever job they do. There’s less of a tendency to dismiss a line of work because it is done by a particular ethnic group.

This, he says, is a wonderful thing. This in no the case elsewhere.

A job does not define a person, and it’s good to remember this. It’s easy to fall into a prejudice that “only certain people do this.”

This is not to say you should not aspire to an interesting job, but it should be a cautionary note when looking at people who do humble jobs.

This was a conclusion that comes out of his culture shock, but it may even be a reverse form of culture shock.

Be aware of the decisions we make related to work.

Video link courtesy Kali Larrucea

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