East Indian Man Describes Life In UK

Cultural Differences

This vide features a man from India describing his perecptions of the United Kingdom and  the cultural differences he experienced

1. Kissing in public common. He stared the first few times he saw it, but has since gotten used to it.
2. Someone saying “I love you” does not mean you are proposing marriage.
3. No honking on roads.
4. Newspapers look like magazine.
5. Toilets are French style. No squating. No washing all wiping.
6. Everyone smiles and says hi.
7. Everyone asks about arranged marriages work in India.
8. If you are walking with friend, unless it is your girlfriend. You don’t put your hard around them. You’ll get weird looks.
9. Everyone says that customer is always right.
10. Royal family – marriages cause a public holiday.
11. Movies – don’t talk. You’ll be told to be quiet.
12. People drink a lot. Many bars.
13. If you say you don’t drink, people ask why.
14. People use please and sorry for everything. If you don’t say please, you are seen as a rude guy.
15. There is a very British way of saying no.
16. Everyone here drives their own cars. No one has a private driver. Expensive to hire a driver.
17. Every other person chews gum.
18. Potato is in everything. Biggest part of diet.
19. Everyone calls other people by name. CEO or professional, call by name.
20. Dinner does not always mean supper. Supper is sometimes “tea.”
21. Coffee and tea are everywhere. Not same tea and coffee as you get in india. More hot water and less milk. It is warm and not hot.
22. When you someone is walking behind you. Holding a door is good manners. Closing the door is rude.
23. You will see people very hand conscious. They run around with ipods. Older people do fitness activies.
24. People text a lot rather than calling.
25. Division of labor. Doesn’t matter what you do. You will get respect for what you do.

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