Exchange Students – #American Culture Shock

New To American – Culture Shock by Coca Xie

Asian student’s view of America by Coca Xie

No one goes to bed before 1 am.
Everyone wears shorts, no matter how cold it is.
Textbook prices are frightening.
Lit teacher surprised her by saying she could be called by first name.
Lots of partying and drinking.
Condoms sold in dorms.
Relationships not so much about friendship.
Holding hands with same-sex is taken as lesbianism.
US women are easy to pick up.
Americans put cheese on everything.
Serving sizes are three times bigger than at home.
Everyone is fat.
Crazy to have a buffet next to a gym.
We prefer strong flavor and spicey food.
When proposing, in Korea you’d say because XYZ, I love you. In America, you say, I love you… because XYZ.
“Rubber”s are erasers in China, not condoms…

Video link courtesy Stephanie Hernandez

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