Travel Documentary – #Singapore

Singapore Culture Shock with Nicholas Cheadle

From the YouTube Channel – Travel Docementary

This video follows the host as he experiences Singapore, presumably for the first time, learning how he goes.

His commentary and travels begin in the airport, where he finds it easy to get into a cab and find his way about. English is spoken by all he encounters, and they are happy to explain the various and varied customs he experiences. Singapore’s many residents hail from cultures all over the world, and the choices this affords in food and entertainment are quite varied.

Some things to know if you are dining out – it’s common to reserve your table with tissues left to hold your seat. Some meals (depending on cuisine) are eaten with the hands. The right hand is the “right” hand for eating, greeting and accepting gifts. The left hand is used only for toiletry.

The host then shifts gears to talk about business etiquette and the religious techniques.

When handed a business card, accept it with the the right hand, look at it with respect–reflect upon it–and then put it in a special holder not your wallet.

Many women are greeted with a bow and not a handshake–you don’t touch them.

Face is key. You don’t disagree in public. Be mindful of silences, slow responses to questions, and pay attention to the non verbal communication.

The majority publish Buddhism and Taoism. There also or Christians and Muslims. Given the diversity, religious tolerance is stressed.

You will see many people practicing a variety of religions.

Video link provided by Brandi Holloway.



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