Teaching Materials – Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

Photo of Hofstede on intercultural101.com

Five talking-head videos in YouTube from Hofstede himself.



A handy web-based tool to compare cultures and get textual downloads

screenshot of Hofstede's theory for use on a business website - from intercultural101.com





You Tube Clips on Cultural Competence in a Medical Setting

Cultural Competence for Healthcare Providers

Challenges and Rewards of a culturally-informed approach to mental health

Incompetent vs. Competent Cultural Care

Cultural Nursing What Not To Do

How to be a culturally competent nurse

Culturally Competent Care Muslim

The Nurse and the Muslim Patient -True Story Emotional

Cultural Sensitivity and Nursing (Jewish Culture)


For those who want a substantial, scholarly look at how culture frames and infuses business – Hofstede’s Own Book¬†







HSBC Funny Culture ads ( Subway, Bart, Golf ) (A bit of comic relief)

Funny - HBC commercial




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