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You Tube Clips on Cultural Competence in a Medical Setting

Cultural Competence for Healthcare Providers

Challenges and Rewards of a culturally-informed approach to mental health

Incompetent vs. Competent Cultural Care

Cultural Nursing What Not To Do

How to be a culturally competent nurse

Culturally Competent Care Muslim

The Nurse and the Muslim Patient -True Story Emotional

Cultural Sensitivity and Nursing (Jewish Culture)


For those who want a substantial, scholarly look at how culture frames and infuses business – Hofstede’s Own Book¬†







HSBC Funny Culture ads ( Subway, Bart, Golf ) (A bit of comic relief)

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English Teacher in South Korea Describes Cultural Differences

Cultural Shock in South Korea

Americans have a reputation for being clean freaks – bath daily, brush teeth all the time. Learned not to eat after other people. Korean dishes are shared dishes. Many soups are shared. It’s a big communal thing. Double-diping and eating after other people, even people you don’t know at all.

Self-service is the norm. If you want water, you’ll need to get it yourself. Koreans think that water inhibits digestion.

Nasty culture shock was the toilets. Squatter toilets are the norm. Her school (she is an English teacher) has only on Western-style toilet. If you don’t bring your own toilet paper, it can be a problem. There is sometimes a giant roll in the toilet, but not in the stall. You are not supposed to flush the TP ever. You put the paper in the trash. The soap in Korea is a blue compound on a rod.

Traffic often ignores the road signs and red lights. Pedestrians are at risk from busses and scooters runnig lights. Being a passenger is not much better–a “white knuckle” experience.

Plastic surgery is very common and accepted in South Korea. It’s like getting braces.

Shoes off entering a room is common and nice.

Fashion – no cleavage, but you can wear very short skirts. You can bring a towel and cover your legs when you set down. Men’s fashions, perms and hair-dye is normal even for straight guys.

Fresh fruit is very, very expensive.
Video link courtesy Stephanie Hernandez.

Bonus – Here’s the YouTube video on her return to Ameria, “reverse culture shock”


Asian vs American #culture

What Is Valued?

Asian vs US Culture

Punctuality – US On time is late. Asian, time is a guide.
Community matters in Asian culture.
Emotions are expressed openly in US culture. In Asian culture, they are internalized. Don’t cry in public.
American culture celebrates youth. Asian culture celebrates the elderly.
American culture in school emphasizes extra-curricular activites. Asian culture emphasizes the academics.
Americans value confidence. Asians value humility.
American culture values tan skin. Asian culture values pale skin.

Video link courtesy Melanie Flory

US #College Students Describe UK Culture Shock

American Students in #England

College life – UK universities have more activities to engage you. In the US, you’re pretty much on your own.
Grading/Marking system is different – In the UK, a 70 is very good.
Student housing and size of campus is different. Much more compact.
Traditional English food is fried and greasy.
Can’t find good Mexican food.
Blood pudding wasn’t appealing.
Prices on some items are inflated.
Weather is more severe.
Customer service is not good.
People are cold. Not many smiles or waves. People are nice but not in the same way.
Better public transportation.

Video link courtesy Aaron Fisher.


British Culture Shock – #Brit Gal’s Thoughts On US Food & Culture

Three Weeks In – Culture Shock

Youngish British woman talks about her views of the US three weeks in. Spoiler alert. She’s amazed at how everything in America is way big-the cars, the appliances, the meals. She also thinks American cities (at least the one she is in) are too spread out.

This woman is not overly critical of the US, but she does express a preference for Europe. What I find most interesting are the comment posts. Many of the responses seem to be from Americans who take issue with being “dissed.” This is probably why, at the top of the video, there has been some text that seems to be added after her selfie-video. The text says that people need to lighten up and be nicer.

Video link courtesy Eli Broussard