A Brit Living in #Japan

Culture Shock

Living in Japan – Culture Shock
by Abroad in Japan

Doesn’t speak Japanese.

Stages of culture shock.

Initial euphoria
Irritation and hostiility
Gradual adjustment

He says he feels like he is in a huge theme park. He finds he is being driven to learn Japanese.
Vending machines are everywhere, and in the middle nowhere. The non-existance of crime make this possible.
Convenience stores are everywhere. You can buy airline tickets there or pay or your bills.
Hanko Stamp is your own personal stamp that you use to stamp the many documents you get each day.
Hi living quarters include a kitchen that’s too small (he says) to use. So he eats out a lot. This causes him to get out and walk, and this helps his fitness.
He takes us through a restaurant that delivers your meals on a conveyer belt.


China – As Seen Through The Eyes Of An #Exchange Student

American Student In China

Toilets in China – Not like western toilets. Kalia has photos … and instructions.

Food -You’ll see many things you won’t find in most American grocery stores, such as quail eggs.

Crowds – Much less personal space.

Pictures – This student found she was the center of attention wherever she went. This may be because she is a young black woman.

Spit is everywhere. Everyone spits everywhere.

Jwalking is normal even though cars have the right of way.

Video link is courtesy Eleanor Boek.